Never use i-page for hosting.. They are bad...

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    So me and my friend started using ipage for hosting
    he paid 65$ for one year hosting.. after 6 months see what happened
    They blocked my friend account... just for some little contents...
    He used only 150MB space and he bought unlimited bandwidth and space (((

    This is the message he got when he tried to login to the site

    The wp-cron.php script associated with the Wordpress installation at www dot xxxx dot com in your account, is creating too many requests to the server and utilizing heavy network/server resources, which are resulting in critical issues with the server pool. As a result, we have been forced to suspend your site, to protect services to our other customers.

    In order to unsuspend it, you need to agree to take immediate action to reduce the CGI load resulting from your content. If you are not able to do so, you should seek an alternative hosting provider or a VPS, as it appears your site needs are no longer compatible with the shared hosting environment which we can provide. I am sorry for any resulting inconvenience

    Never use this hosting company..its expensive and shit..i advice you...
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