Never thought I'd actually do this again in my life

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    Well, forums, thought they died over the years, I was wrong ;)

    Anyways, I was at a presentation of some guy in Ghent about digital marketing for startups. He lost me at the point where he said, blackhat marketing is out of the picture. And since I've never amounted to much by following the book, I had to disagree. But while he was talking about social media marketing, SEO, SEA and other things everybody knows, I was browsing my phone for these "blackhat techniques". I was intrigued. Some of these things were familiar to me, others weren't. So a friend of mine linked this forum after sharing my thoughts on the presentation. He was like; "Dude, please, learn the interwebs". So tada, yesterday I signed up and here I am writing my introduction.

    So I'm David, a 22 year old college student from Belgium, I study softwaremanagement. In short, f#ck coding, yaay selling code. Nothing big but it's a good course for those who don't know what to do but think they are good at marketing and IT. Besides that, I've always had a strong interest in making money online. Not that I do it, but it's curious how some do it and to what lengths they go to achieve this. One of my favorite things to do is mess with peoples mind on social media, especially the mainstream population ;)

    However my one and only rule is, do whatever you like but have respect. I keep this in mind in everything I do, and on internet fora where misunderstandings happen way too often, it's the easiest way to get along with people :)
    Next to that, my hobbies are, climbing, indoor soccer and visiting bars. I'm Belgian, so beer is kinda in my gens. For those who might wonder, the best beer in the world is Duvel ;)

    So I'm looking forward to exploring the thoughts, wisdom and tales shared here and down the road learn some things that I could apply in the future.

    PS: I love Hooters. Really. Love. Hooters.
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