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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by lakiscy, Apr 7, 2012.

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    Sep 8, 2011
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    Recently we received a violation message from google for unnatural links. Our site was ranking in top 5 results for more than 10 good keywords. Recently it was hit by google penalty for one of my keywords and my page moved to second page of that keyword. I make the mistake to submit a reconsideration request and after Google has reviewed my page again, now the site has been moved to the 2nd page for ALL keywords.

    Needless to say how this affect visits of the site. Btw note that the site does not sell anything, does not have ads, does not have external spam links and also maintains a nice blog. In little words its a site that does not looks like these sites that only made up to gain money.

    I tried to removed some links that i bought from services from bhw with linkwheels and blog networks (not many) but a significant amount and also change in a lot of my links the anchor texts as that was one of the cases. But i realized this and i need your advice. Our company is developing websites for clients, all the website are hosted in the same webserver with the same ip. Also all websites (100+) have the same link at the bottom of the site linking to our main website. These websites are not low quality.
    But i wonder if that was the reason that signal Google to consider my site for violation?
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    I've been slapped for a few of my websites who had used blog networks. I'm staying away from them for now.