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    Apr 23, 2011
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    Hello my friends,

    I just joined the BHW. Probably about 3 days ago.
    But, actually I've often seeing this forum without register to looking for something new and tips or knowing how spammer doing (sorry, doesn't mean you guys... :), especially in this room (just for memories..:) )
    I had long enough to play with IM (may be about 3 years more), with the result that I think quite enough.
    The hobbies to work in IM, makes me becomes little addicted to the internet world.

    This resulted in changes in my lifestyle behaviors that tend to be negative.

    Smoking and routine alcohol drinking (though moderate consume), plus brain pressures everyday, resulting fatal for my health.

    Within the next 4 months, I was scheduled to undergo brain tumor surgery.

    My advice for my friends, keep watching your health and making healthy lifestyle.
    Internet world sometimes make us lack of physical activity and tend to be smokers or alcoholism.

    Nothing worth in this world than our health.
    Everything we got, must sacrifice for this.

    Wish I hopefully can get through this surgery successfully.
    May you all in a state of good health always, and success in your career.

    Best wishes for all of you guys.