Never Ever Ever Use JumpStart Views


May 19, 2013
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I may get a few things slightly wrong, and if so, I take responsibility and apologise. But this is as true and accurate as I can make it.

Some guy called Jan had a thing called Jan's tools - it was a great self service youtube promotion thing.

He sold it, and it suddenly sucked

Jan had something to do with Jumpstart views. He no longer does.

It now REALLY sucks. There was a database error, and the 1000 "high quality views" I paid for were suddenly 65,000 views, delivered in a few seconds or minutes. Great, right? Except they were LOW quality, BOT, fake views, of less than a second apiece. 65,000 views, and added no time to time watched stats beyond the ppl I know actually saw that vid.

Well, okay sh** happens. Two weeks later, after a complaint, and then even a complaint on Paypal, not only no apology, refund, nothing of substance. Then I finally write a letter saying I'll tell the world what happend, and get this letter:


"We have delivered over 130,000,000 views and have many satisfied
customers. vSEo service delivers the most high quality content views
versus quick-views. It is not possible to pinpoint the exact cause
of a loss in ranking given the complexity of the formula.

Is there anything we can do to repair this relationship?


The Jump Start Views Team"

Jan - the guy who I think created the site - once posted a video of himself rocking out when he had a cast on, and also posted a video of himself riding a horse - related incidents, I think. In essence, he is a human being, who is a talented programmer, an honest guy, and who is not ashamed to be who he is.

I BELIEVE - and I may be wrong about this - but JSV is now run by some guy with a BS profile on Ted Talks, pretending he is the head of a company that exists solely in his mind, and I believe I once followed his links to a picture of his "corporate headquarters" - the photo was a building in Florida or somewhere, with his company's name photoshopped on - Google Maps showed the address was a Mailbox company in Canada somewhere. In a cold, barren, dodgy neighbourhood. No palm trees in sight. I MAY be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I remember this correctly. In any event, anyone who could, with a straight face, copy and paste that BS letter above is a dishonest scumbag. No actual action. No apology. No refund. Nothing.

And the "quality views" that were recently advertised as RETENTION VIEWS seem to last a fraction of second. Surely no more than a few seconds. And in two weeks, the "Team" - this guy and his hand, I suspect (no, sorry, that's him and his girlfriend) have done nothing to "repair" anything. And I've no doubt they are incapable of repairing the system that they bought from Jan.

Again, I may have some things confused or wrong or conflated - but the nub is, JSV sucks now. I stand by that.