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Network which allows fake rewards

Discussion in 'CPA' started by BlackChocolate, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. BlackChocolate

    BlackChocolate Newbie

    Aug 9, 2014
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    Hi BHW,

    I am new to blackhat and have recently started my first website.
    My site offers movie downloads, however when the user finally downloads the file it displays a message saying the file was deleted due to copyright reasons.

    My idea is to get the user to complete a CPA download or survey to get access to the file which ultimately doesn't work.

    I got accepted into a couple CPA networks but they do not allow me to promote their offers using fake files or fake rewards.

    Its really frustrating because I have gone to a lot of effort to set up the website etc and now I can't find a CPA network which allows me to work with them.

    Maybe I could upload the fake files onto mediafire or other 3rd party hosts and make it look like the file used to be legit?