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Discussion in 'CPA' started by wrayimmediate, Oct 29, 2012.

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    Does a network judge a new affiliate based on their application(website, how they answered the questions) and shave accordingly? running the same campaign with different networks you never ran with before generally yields different results, based on shaving I guess(maybe advertiser scrubbing too?). I just chalk it up to network B shaving more/getting scrubbed more than network A. But do some if not all networks base how much they shave you, solely, in the beginning, on your application?

    will a bulletproof application(nice website, good answers, maybe a reference) keep you out of the doghouse, or does everyone start out basically equal?
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    Yes and no, it depends on the network. First off, yes, the network can just click a button and increase or decrease the amount they shave you by. But it's also possible that you're getting shaved by the advertiser, not the network. In that case, it has nothing to do with your application and everything to do with the quality of your traffic (and the greed of the advertiser.)

    It's pretty common to see high converting stats when you start a campaign, only to have the campaign shaved into unprofitability. They try to entice you into advertising, but then have to scrub you down to a profitable level for them. The answer is pretty much to split test and rotate similar offers on multiple networks. There's no magic line you can put in your application to avoid the issue.
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