NERD Rap Artist seeks Advice & or Help

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    This is a very general request so I thought I would put it here. Please correct me if I'm wrong. ;)

    My alias is Tek Knowledge. I am a songwriter, rapper, producer, and tinkerer. I have spent many years perfecting my craft and learning about the world of computers and the internet in order to bring my craft to fruition. Because I wasn't a typical rapper type guy I never had any help from the industry. So I decided to do everything on my own without any money, and this was possible through the means I'm sure many veterans here are aware of. :p

    So after a long time I am ready to put me, and my work out there. I have many artists, performers, producers, DJ's etc at the ready. I record constantly, and my network is growing fast. All of this is done independently. I have even been offered deals by a couple of labels that I have turned down because I can do what they can do thanks to forums like these. And radios? Pfffft They're dying.

    So what I'm asking is for anyone that can to help in any way. If you like my music, promote it, or give me advice. Tell me about something I should know, or point me to a rare torrent I can't find, because trust me there's things I cant find and I Whatever it is you can do is appreciated. Remember I'm a fellow nerd and will promote our culture. And my main goal is to make being a nerd cool. Because that's what I am, and I love fellow nerds, they're the only ones that like what I like so wtf.

    I would post links but it wont let me. lol But if you visit my profile they will be on there. :cool:
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    No problem I will be happy to help.