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    Hey there. I'm looking for a partner in e-mail marketing. I'm not experienced with it at all, but I have some pretty targeted email lists that aren't shared with anybody. I need a way to monetize the lists I have. I have lists in several different niches.

    The problem is that the lists are in .txt format - Not opted into Aweber or anything like that. They're not scraped from the internet.

    Attached is an example of one of the lists I have. All emails in this list are related to Vacation Buying, and all from Danish people.

    Yes, that's 23k emails in the 500kb document. And there's another 700kb document, too, and some smaller ones. I guess there's around 60k emails in total. I'm sure someone from these forums knows how to profit from these, somehow. Please post here or PM me if you're interested. Thank you for your time.

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    I can provide some assistance.