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[Needed] Reliable Google passed proxy provider with updates via API

Discussion in 'Proxies' started by myinternetempire, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. myinternetempire

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    Oct 24, 2011
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    We currently have over 1000 private proxies and the cost is far too high with our current level of subscribers. We need to find an ideal integration (or perhaps multiple integrations, not to put all our eggs in one basket) with providers of elite/highly anonymous HTTP proxies. We have explored the three backconnect services here on BHW (ReverseProxies, ProxyRotor and ProxyRack). ReverseProxies would work with our software, their proxies were pretty fast and worked well with Google) but they only allow IP authentication (no user:pass auth) and also their auto-spinner every 10 minutes leads to a high failure rate beacuse the IP will rotate in the middle of a task and that isn't good for us. ProxyRotor seemed promising with a possible integration but the OP has been MIA and we are still unable to fully test. ProxyRack said they would get back to us in a couple days after they test their % of Google passed proxies, but then disappeared and we haven't heard from them since. ReverseProxies is unable/unwilling to accommodate us with a simple API that keeps our users IPs updated and another to spin/rotate the IPs assigned to each port... So we are stuck with using very costly private proxies and we cannot afford to sustain this long term with our current amount of paying subscribers.

    We are looking to find someone with access to either ultra premium (elite) shared proxies or back-connect proxies who can accommodate our service. I truly believe there is a huge opportunity for a new proxy provider to come to market with a service that offers the following features:

    1) API for rotating proxies assigned to each port
    2) Google Passed Proxies
    3) User:pass or IP Authentication option, if IP auth, API call to keep IP list updated
    4) Frequent checker to ensure proxies delegated are live and working
    5) Optional Geo-Location data via API so we can exclude certain countries or only get proxies assigned from specific countries.

    Anyone have anything suitable to offer? We're ready to make something happen fast!
  2. proxygo

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    Nov 2, 2008
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    its a shame i cant help you out, ive done Google passed proxies on bhw for 6 yrs.
    over 1000 sales 0 refunds in that time but i dont use api sadly [ as explained via pm ]

    i do 3000 google passed proxies per list

    scrapebox 3k proxiesl Google passe

    and on my other product around 4-6k proxies that will only work in gscraper
    Gscraper proxies Google passedl


    the trade of on the api is that there is no monthly fee , just 1 time payment
    users use as long as they wish.

    donors/vips/execs/2mods/2super mods/ use my product
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