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    Dec 24, 2008
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    I'm looking for someone that knows how to upload youtube videos so that they stay up a lot. The type of videos you will upload will be movie previous (you know "watch avatar part 1/10" etc.)

    Lately, I've been getting instant bans on my accounts on youtube, which is really frustrating.

    You should be able to create your own accounts.

    As YouTube videos get suspended, I've figured that the best pay model would be per video per 24hrs. Since I'm hiring you because you KNOW how to upload videos (whatever that would mean, uploading through proxies, clearing your cookies and all that) I think that you should be able to do so that a given video will be up for more than 24hrs.
    So, you will be paid ONCE for a video that is up for 24hrs (or more).
    You'll have to email me with a report containing the videos that have reached the time limit, and I'll pay you accordingly.

    The pay itself will be negotiated in private.