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Oct 24, 2010
Hi everyone!

I've been all over the board providing as much support for writers or editors as possible adhering to the demands of my personal projects along the way. I contacted an individual from this board only to receive an email response back indicating that he needed a writer for $2.50 for 500 words.

I advised him that I work for $1.50 per 100 words only ( this is really low but I'm flexible with new clients because I understand you want to generate income before you can pay a little more). The conversation quickly turned to marketing ( My favorite topic) and it all snowballed from there.

My question is this: I offered the following services ( I'll post the price in a sec but tell me if I'm the one who is crazy or he's just confused)

1. Domain Registration and Hosting: Upon registration I would transfer full rights to him after I've made the adjustments required by the hosting company so I could make sure the site goes up correctly.

2. Tech Support: If there is an issue or update to the site at anytime, I would provide this service for free.

3. Site Creation: I would provide content, design and setup. I would also help design the logo.

4. Marketing Blitz: A custom marketing letter would be created to intrigue potential clients and generate general buzz.

5. Potential Client Location: I would personally locate up to 50 clients per day via social outlets, to include 150 forum posts, craigslist posting, and other associations to promote the business. A detailed report of all activity would be emailed daily.

6. Social Media Registry: I would register the company with all social media outlets.

7. Stationary : I would design the company stationary to include business cards, work stationary and fax paperwork.

8. Content Creation Services: I would provide my service as a content provider for all projects, also providing project management when needed.

9. Marketing Package: I would create the marketing package to outline the company's overall function and advantages in detail

Turn around time : 24 - 48 hours!

I offered all of these services for $500 up front and an invoiced payment of $150 per month for the marketing, client solicitation, and reports.


$1.50 per 100 words for my content services and free backlinks.

He has been going back and forth saying I should offer a lower price. To protect both parties ( I've been scammed before) I offered to submit a contract legally binding us to this price with renegotiation after 6 months.

Am I the silly one for even offering it anymore or should it be at his price ( $120 up front and $180 at the end of the project, that's it !)
Seems like a really good deal for everything you have to offer. Unfortunately with the recession and outsourcing at everyone's finger tips people forget that quality service comes at a premium.

A legal contract is a good idea, and I'm still new to all of this but couldn't an escrow service be used to protect both parties?
Sounds like a good general price to me. I have hired people for similar services and the price was cheaper but the quality was horrible. Ended up scrapping the whole project. Stick to your guns, people tend to try to get everything for nothing and its a joke.
Oh, you already offered a good price and service. It seems that he is only trying to makes his way to save more money in paying you low but he will gain more profits on that. He's clever. You already gave him an excellent offer. If he won't accept that, go find another client. Don't go below your level. You don't deserve it. In every transactions there must be a contract that binds the contractor and the employer. You just take the right action. You're on the right track.
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