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    Hey guys, well I'm stuck in a bit of a dilemma and I'm not quite sure what I should do.

    Basically right now I have a video hosting site, it uses divx player to play the videos. The scripts also written in perl which is kinda ugly (xfilesharing pro). Now the sites getting decent traffic, and making me about 23$ a day in profits. (after server cost)

    The thing is, there's lots of problems and stuff with divx and it's kinda limiting (the script and video playing), since not that many people have divx installed.

    I'm just wondering if you guys think I should stick with this and promote it, or sell the site and with the cash invest in a new custom script. It would convert all the uploaded videos to flv and also mp4, so people could play them using flash and would also be able to play them on their phones and stuff.

    What do you think I should do?
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    no dont sale your site
    make some change make it look Good
    convert videos that can be played on flash
    and start promoting and make some $$$$$
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    I think you should hook me up with xfilesharingpro ;)