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    I require a writer whom can produce one 700 - 1000 word article per week for our established web marketing products and services website. These could be information\How to\ or latest trends articles

    It is important that the writer have a working knowledge of SEO tools such as RankerX, GSA and others

    The writer should prepare an action plan for consideration, at the end of each month listing the 4 topics he will write about for the following month.

    The writer should be available on for chat so we can discuss the articles for each month.

    Payment will be done after each article has been completed and payment increase will be considered after 1 month if the writing is satisfactory
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    Hi, @bekemew.

    I understand that you need at least 4 x 700 to 1,000-word how-to articles per month for your internet marketing products and services. Once you've placed your order, here's what I suggest we should do.

    1. Please give me your website's URL so we can cross-check our proposed titles on your website. We don't want to write about something you already have on your website.
    2. Please give me your keywords, if any.
    3. I will maintain a Google Spreadsheet. You'll leave your approval and notes on that sheet.

    Now, I understand you said that you will only pay after the work is done. Even though I require an upfront fee, the reviews of our fellow BHW members on my thread in the Marketplace section might be able to help you to decide to pay an upfront fee.

    I am Jaycee De Guzman, founder of iPresence Business Solutions, a Philippine-based company that is operated by 100 percent hard-working and professional Filipinos. I've been in the content writing business for more than 17 years. Here are some reasons why you should use my content writing services.

    - We will post the articles on your WordPress-based website for FREE!
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    - We will optimize your image(s) for SEO purposes so you'll increase the chance of being found on Google Images for FREE.
    - Our professional writers and editors belong to separate departments to avoid bias on our quality control.
    - We accept revision requests within reasons.
    - We will deliver Copyscape-passed and readable content.
    - We can handle an array of topics such as business, finance, health, science, sports, investment, technology, fashion, politics, and more. We also manage Google News websites.

    Do you need samples of our work? Please visit

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    Pay a discounted price of $1.49 per 100 words because you're a BHW member. Please follow these steps to get this started.

    Step 1: Send your payment either via PayPal or Payoneer. Please pay in the USD currency only.
    PayPal: [email protected]
    Payoneer: [email protected]
    Step 2: Send the details of your order to [email protected].
    Step 3: Post the last 4 digits of the PayPal transaction ID on my thread at

    I'll await your positive response.

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