Need Wordpress Extension - Post Approval Button on Front End

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    I need an approval system for my Wordpress based website.

    My website works like this:

    1. People create an account on my website, this will allow them to write new articles.
    2. New articles are automatically posted to the "Pending" category. This is to prevent spam etc.
    3. Moderators can view these "Pending" articles and review them. If the article is of good quality they will Approve them by clicking an Approval button. (This will be done from the front end!)
    4. A "Pending" article needs 5 approvals, after which it will be sent to the "Approved" category.

    So here's what I need exactly:
    A button that will count the amount of "approvals" on an article. Once the approval count reaches 5 it will automatically send the article to the Approved category.

    Will pay 30$ through PayPal to whoever can create this. PM me or post in this thread.
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