Need Web Designer/Wordpress Expert for NBA Blog (Partnership)

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by The Nix, Sep 24, 2012.

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    Hey there! I just recently made a blog that focuses on the NBA. I have access to the latest news about the NBA, and I can create awesome content that NBA fans can easily relate to. I give news, rumors, and my own opinions regarding issues as well.

    Main point, is that I believe that with time, dedication, and regular production of content, I'm gonna be making money off of this. I have a couple of ideas in monetizing this site, but as of right now that's not the main thing because the site still looks like crap at the moment.

    What I need is a web designer, or honestly, someone who's just Wordpress savvy to help me set the site up. I'll handle the content, promotion, and basically everything. I just need help setting it up as I'm new to Wordpress.

    What's in it for you?

    Well, there's 2 things. 1st, you can do this with me forever. You can be the permanent web designer of the site, and help out on other stuff such as logos, banners etc. If that's what you want, then when the site starts earning, you're definitely gonna be on my payroll (but don't expect too much if we're just starting out). Every site has its own web designer anyway. :)

    2nd option is I can just trade something for your services. You can help me set-up the site, and in exchange I'll write some content for your site or something. Take note, I don't have the funds to hire a Professional Web Designer, nor do I have any money to offer to anyone here that's why I'm offering this JV.

    So there you go, either you be kind enough to help me now, and benefit later on. OR, you help me now, and I help you out with your own problem (content).

    Technically, I just need 1 person, so I hope I get one who believes in my plan or someone who needs content and is willing to trade services. :) Just PM me here or post below. Thanks all!
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    PM sent :D