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Aug 10, 2009
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Looking for someone who has experience with social networking type sites, going to need someone to build me a social network type site from scratch, ill have the layouts/design of the page "blueprints" for it, you make it happen.

Id prefer more well known members, but anyone should fell free to pm me/ contact me on aim. Please have samples to show. If you have any idea on the rates you'll need to be paid we can discuss that too.

The actual project probably wont be getting started for another week or 2 so I'm just throwing this out here now so I can shop around for workers and see what I need/like

i have strong knowledge in web development. i can develop this social networke site from scratch.
hey man you can check out my "style" here I can work with just about any script custom or pre-made
i have knowledge in web development , PHP , wordpress
my advice, from experience: don't do it. If you cannot program it yourself or don't have the necessary knowledge, you will run into communication problems, not to mention the developer has his own agenda. There are ready-made customizable turnkey social networking softwares out there, you can have one in a few hours (as opposed to months or years which it's going to take to develop from scratch). The downside is you're going to be limited but it's still better than spending tens of thousands of dollars, maybe more on something which will almost certainly run into trouble.
I agree with rrorchid, to have a functional social network built from scratch that is anywhere near good would take months if not years to perfect. Follow his suggestion by doing a google search for already made social networks or find a CMS that is built with social networking in mind, and if you still want the individuality, hire a pro that specializes in that CMS that should reduce anytime and money spent.
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