Need TrustPilot Reviews - Willing to PAY $$$


Feb 8, 2012
I am in need of TrustPilot reviews. I have tried adding reviews to our company profile but they do not stick for long. Usually about 1 week and then they are removed for the following reason: ?we are unable to verify the authenticity of, e.g. because they originate from the same IP address or the like. We have therefore removed 7 reviews of your company from Trustpilot.?

The 7 reviews I posted were from different ip addresses because I was using the HideMyAss proxy service. However, I was posting the reviews from the same computer. So I did some research and it seems that TrustPilot uses ?super cookies? also known as ?flash cookies?. If this is true, no matter how many times I cleared my web browsers cookies and cache they could still track me.

So to combat this, I created a clean install of Windows 10 using a virtual machine. Each time I would want to post a review, I would simply clone my clean install of Windows 10 and connect to a proxy with HideMyAss, and then proceed to post a review on TrustPilot. This seemed to be working good until a few days ago. They removed another 11 reviews from my company?s profile. I do not see how they were able to detect it this time around. Especially since 3 of my customers have left ?real? reviews and these have not been removed. Only the reviews I am posting myself are being flagged by their system somehow. I even spoofed my web browsers useragent, screen resolution, and changed the timezone on my computer to match the timezone of the ip address given to me via the HideMyAss proxy.

I need a total of 35 reviews and I am willing to pay per review. I will provide all of the review content such as the Title of the review, the name of the person leaving the review, and the review itself. I will also provide the email addresses needed when posting a review.

If you are able to do this job, please reply to this post, send me a PM, or you can Skype me at three3211.
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