Need to get all files served by a site, served under various PHP scripts.

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    Oct 29, 2012
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    Hi guys.

    I need to download all files from a website. The problem is that they use several GET request to different PHP scripts to get them.

    First, it sends something like this to get to the file's download page: GET /download/315532/0 HTTP/1.1

    Then, on the send page, you need to click on download again and you send this: GET /download.php?file=FILE_NAME.ZIP&646965504532567d5954262e5a=1 HTTP/1.1

    Lastly, on the third page, you send this via GET: DOMAIN-NAME/download.php?file=FILE_NAME&646965504532567d5954262e5a=1

    The question is which software can crawl to the whole site and download all .zip/.rar files?
    I've tried several web spiders, none seem to work.