Need to find Facebook/Twitter etc. users for lead generation

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    I need to find popular users on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and blogs. I just posted a job ad on elance as I am willing to hire someone who can do this, but I was wondering if anyone knows any programs that can automatically find users like this that I can go through? Let me know... Thanks. :eek:

    Here is what I posted on the job posting:

    Basically, I need someone to find users on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. This should be easy for this right person.

    I am not looking to take over anyone's account or anything like that. THIS IS JUST FOR LEAD GENERATION. I simply need the names of these users so that I can personally contact them on our own.

    Here is the rundown of what I need you to find:

    *200 attractive females and males on Twitter with followers of 5000 or more who live in Las Vegas, NV and Los Angeles, CA USA

    (The more followers they have, they better. Ideally they would have over 10,000 followers.)

    *500 attractive females and males who have 900+ friends who live in Las Vegas, NV and Los Angeles, CA
    (These users should should be attractive, well-dressed, preferably very socially active).

    *50 video bloggers in Los Angeles CA or Las Vegas NV- basically people who post video blogs and have a large amount of subscribers.

    *50 popular blogs about something tasteful on Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogspot, actually off anywhere.. the user who posts should live in LA or Las Vegas.

    (Note: Ideal demographic should be users between 21-35 years of age).

    I need this work done in a week. I am ready to hire ASAP! Please review and submit your bids for this work. If done well, this will definitely be continuing work. Also note, I will be sending you a file of some users I already found for you to exclude. Thanks!