Need tech support for a Proxy Idea I am creating..

Discussion in 'Proxies' started by ds1718, Dec 19, 2010.

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    May 25, 2010
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    I want to create a private network of DSL that I can proxy.

    I have the hardware in place. I have a script that I can rotate the proxy running from remote.

    Here is the problem.

    In order to do this I signed up for a dynamic DNS service that gives me 20 second updates.. Since when I rotate the script. I get a new IP, and I don't know the new IP ahead of time, I have to use a name to connect to the proxy.

    most programs want an ip address..

    My proxy is working perfect, but I have to resolve it to a name..

    so in my browser if i put in http://myreallycoolproxy(dot)com it it works like a champ, resolves to the dynamic IP of my DSL line that is connected to it.

    When I try and enter this into the software I use.. It does not like the format, requirres a IP address..

    So How do I create a static IP that routes to the DNS server so that It returns the new IP every time..

    Please tell me someone understood what I just wrote..

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    Iptables can accomplish this if combined with a cron job or manually reloading the rules as you reboot the router how are you currently resetting the DSL connection?

    What would be ideal would have the end nodes perform a reverse tunnel on reboot to a server with a static ip. That way you could set the rules on the server to route when the connection is established. The only problem is most ISPs are setup so areas have certain ranges of ips eventually you will cycle through to the same ips also if it is ADSL you are going to be limited by the upload of the modem which at most will be 3~4Mbit
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    Just to be clear are you looking for a way of retrieving a public (external) IP that points to your router or an internal IP for your DNS server? And are you using Micro$shaft products or linux?