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  1. I have this one domain related to "Proxy" niche. I would like to develop this domain to a free public proxy site.

    But don't want to just slap some ads on to the site and call it a day. I'd like know what are some of the methods which yield better results with proxy related sites:

    1. Should I promote affiliate offers?
    2. Slapping adsense or popunder networks?
    3. Should I just provide freemium model.

    I am open to any other way to monetize a public proxy site. Once I have decided which method I
    want to go after I'd optimize the site for it.

    I am searching methods on my own but a nudge in right direction from more experience guys would be really helpful.

  2. Zero Hour

    Zero Hour Newbie

    Dec 17, 2016
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    I think it's going to depend on what kind of traffic you start getting to your proxy site. If there is a trend on what they are using it to access. For that you are going to have to get some traffic flowing through there. Me personally, I would start with ad sense but your not going to make a ton on that. You need to monitor that traffic and see where it's going so that you can find the right angle for promotion.

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  3. Thanks @Zero Hour

    I had it running some time back and majority of time I found people using it for adult sites more than 60% and rest was normal traffic to blogs and stuff.
    Then I forgot about it and it became stale eventually. What sort of method you guys would suggest.

    I can have adsense on the homepage but I think I would not be a good a idea to put it on proxied pages. I can
    build custom plugin for the proxy to rotate the type of monetization method based on traffic at least a crude solution of it
    I might just do this and have multiple methods.
  4. shifubill

    shifubill Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Oct 5, 2013
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    If you're going to use AdSense, you'll have to stay away from posting any material that suggests using proxies for Google products, and even then you may get your account banned. You might make more money promoting proxy providers with affiliate programs.
  5. @shifubill

    Thanks for the insight. I'd keep that in mind and I don't think I'll put adsense right away as I have heard about proxy small sites
    getting banned pretty easily even after having ads only on homepage and don't want to risk adsense for couple of $'s.
    I'd look into affiliate for vpn's may be in rotatation with pop unders.

    Let see what is general payout for vpn signup affiliate :D