Need suggestion for twitter proxy

Everybody does. Check your ip before and after getting in elevetor
in that case to mimic real usage would be to alternate between a mobile rotating proxy + a residential static ip. Because when you're outside the house you're on mobile and when you're inside the house you're on wifi. Is there a telegram to discuss this kinda stuff?
that's stupid, nobody is rotating their ip's on mobile.
What do you mean nobody is rotating IPs on mobile? First of all. On Mobile network, IPs automatically rotate ANYTIME the device is switched to airplane mode, turned off etc etc. If you purchase mobile proxies from a service then usually it includes a feature that automatically rotates the IPs or has an api link to reset the IP on the mobile.

You have absolutely zero knowledge of what you are talking about. And that shows.
本物の住宅用プロキシ、無制限の帯域幅、まったく新しいクリーンなプールである 9Proxy を試すことができます。ご興味がございましたら、試しに 20 個のプロキシをお送りします
IMO, I choose to use one residential proxy per account. I use the automation feature on antidetect Hidemyacc. I'm growing accounts on there so I only run simple scripts like newsfeed, like, repost
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