[need suggest] selling powerful wp plugins

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    I don't know where to post this thread, but i know this is black hat tools for wp sites. I'm in build a very powerful wordpress plugins. Sorry, I wont mention here for various reasons. My plan before February ends, these plugins have been completed and ready for sale.

    I just don't know where I have to sell, whether in the WSO, JVzoo or clickbank. I know the power of these plugins could deliver a lot of money in a short time (for a high traffic site). And frankly in early March, I need about $ 5000 for my home renovation.

    Can anyone suggest me where should I sell it? and for the license, do I have to create a license key for each domain? or unnecessary ? I know, within a week after launching, my plugins are already in many sites lol.

    It hurt me and thwart my goal.

    Any ideas?

    Please do not ask me to PM'd you... if you have private things, please PM me.

    thank you