Need someone to write my term paper


Jul 30, 2009
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Need someone to write a paper for school about E-commerce pm me if interested im willing to pay
15% of all future earnings for life.
Which I only see as fair as your whole
future will be based on a lie that you'll be hoping the real author will never
reveal because everything you do after that will be built on that lie and
could be taken away from you at any moment.
If you can't do it, why take it? it will be no use to you in the real world.
Do your studies you might learn something.
hahaha, I always enjoy oxonbeef 's replies :D

I do agree though, try to do your studies, you 'll learn something. Also, you are on IM, the subject is E-Commerce, you may get an idea to get some $$$ too!
If you can't do it, why take it? it will be no use to you in the real world.
Do your studies you might learn something.


There should be no reason why any kid should fail college with an army of people in Pakistan and India who can write you a term paper on the cheap. You spend THOUSANDS on a semester of college - why would you piss that away just because you might feel guilty on outsourcing? So yer an idiot who parties too much, but who are you fucking here? Your fucking yourself out of a better job if you DON'T have a degree.

A college degree is just a piece of paper. It doesn't PROVE that you know shit, it merely IMPLIES that you know shit. If you're a fuck-up and can only bullshit your way through life, then that's what you got - blame genetics and get the job done by any means possible. If that means outsourcing your homework, then do it. It's up to you to make what you want out of life.

Now...if you DO have smarts and motivation then you'll kick everyones ass. (But hardly anyone has that.)
I know what e-commerce is guys im just lazy to do it

If you can't work 16 hr a day, BHW is not for you Son. People come here with the dream of being rich and energy. So don't waste your time in reading BHW. Better do your term paper by yourself.
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