Need someone to write AND SPIN articles.

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    Oct 5, 2009
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    I have PM'd a few members here about writing articles for me. I am looking for someone to not only write, but then spin an article for me. The original version would either go on my personal site or something like ezine. The spun articles would go on other lesser article sites.

    Please PM me or reply here with pricing and examples of a paragraph or more. I would like to see it before spinning, and then the words you are choosing to spin with. Example:

    Choosing the right domian name is probably the most important single thing you can do to get your site found online. 
    {Choosing|Selecting|Picking Out|Finding|Getting} the {right|appropriate|best} {domian name|website address|address|domain} is {probably|likely|in all likelihood} the most {important|essential|key|powerful|significant|fundamental} {thing you can do to|step you can take to|step to take to|thing to do to} {get|have|make} your site {found|established|discovered|seen} {online|on the web|on the internet}.