Need Someone To Pump Up YouTube Video


Jun 13, 2008
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I don't do any YouTube marketing but I have a need to make a video "pumped up" on YouTube. I don't really know the ins and outs of how to do this and to be completely honest I am not even interested in learning. :bigok:

I just have a video that I need someone to help make it more visable on YouTube. If anybody does YouTube marketing and do an ol' boy a favor PM me. I sure would appreciate it and will throw an "I owe you" card in your back pocket.

Downalod 2 add-ons / Firefox

- Many tabs
- Reload every

Open around 10 tabs using the many tabs, and set the "reload every" plugin to reload every 10 secs.

Run everything toegther and you can ramp up. Eventually Google will block your ip, turn you modem down for 15 minutes to reset you ip.
Anyone interested in adding YouTube views for me? Slowly over time... a hundred or two a day? Give me a quote. Thanks in advance!
There is an app you can find around here called something like TUBEG3. A full version paid is like $20 but there is a limited free version too. You can add like 5k views a day... works good...

(Edit) on second thought, skip over this one. I used tube3g several months ago and it worked fine. I just did a search on here and see that a lot of folks are not happy with the seller. so....
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Can someone give me some videos on my this video, thanks
i love it how cypionate asks for something and all of a sudden everyone thinks this is the youtube shoppers thread
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