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    hi all,

    i need help promoting my eBay listings. feel free to suggest different ways. You will NOT be paid commission. You will be paid for traffic that you can bring in.
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    20 tips to drive traffic to your ebay listing. I personally follow some ways to drive traffic to my ebay store. My strategies are provided below:
    1. Use autosurf traffic exchanges. Create an attractive and flashy webpage describing your ebay store. Provide links to your store. You can also highlight the description to link to your ebay store. Join autosurf traffic engines, search google to find them. Promote this webpage into such traffic engines.
    2. Use manual surf or Traffic Exchanges: You can also promote the same web-page into manual surf or traffic exchanges.
    3. Be a member in forums in your related area. Post messages there. If permitted describe your products or services possible. Use your store URL in your signature
    4. Store your store URL in your email signature. Sometimes change your email signature and give links to your popular items.
    5. Find free article submit services and post your article that also links to your store.
    6. You can also use an article submitter software to submit your article to many article directories
    7. Use link building services to link to your store.
    8. Use google store connector to list your products to google base and google froogle
    9. If you have a physical location, use google local and yahoo local to list your business.
    10. If you have a web-site, join ebay affiliate program. Create banners that link to your store products.
    11. Submit your store to search engines. Before that, use appropriate keywords in your ebay store
    12. You can always use google adwords or similar pay per click search engines to promote your store
    13. From the Manage My Store, select options so that your store links come to all of your product listings.
    14. Use store markdown manager to offer sales. Also, From the Manage My Store, select options so that Items on Sale options appear in all of your product listings.
    15. Use RSS feeds of your store products. Submit this RSS feed to search engines.
    16. Use online or offline classifieds to promote your ebay store
    17. Use ebay Kijiji to promote your store
    18. Write reviews and guides. From your guides and reviews, people will come to know about your store.
    19. Create your own business card and list your store there. You can also buy a domain name to link to your ebay store.
    20. Use bi-weekly email newsletter to send your new products and promotions to your customers.