Need someone to create Article system that automatically gets RSS feeds...

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    I'm looking for someone to setup a PHP/MySQL system for my site that basically creates tons of content. It all needs to be legit content, but HIGHLY targetted at the "Computer Repair" "IT Consulting", in South Florida. My thinking is (But I'm open to ideas), The system would basically constantly look for RSS feeds of topics regarding services I provide and then add the articles to my "article system". Then, the articles would be indexed...etc... I'm hoping we could make each article page mention something about my small biz or random phrases with contact info regarding the business.

    I noticed that there are some scripts that "re-write" articles/feeds, but don't change the overall meaning of them. This would make the articles very unique. I'd love to explore that!

    I'm a one-man show, so don't have a big budget. This should be a pretty easy project for someone that has done this before. I'm looking to bang this out in the next few days and will pay via paypal or whatever method we agree to

    Lemme know!

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