Need someone to build a wordpress plugin to scrap data from a website and import into mine

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    I need someone who can create a wordpress plugin that will let me put a url that a search on copart dot com and it will import the listings from copart to our site. I use awpcp plugin and I can add extra fields to it and we can pick what info is imported and put where. One key thing I need to be able to do is each auction on copart list a auction data. I need it to set the ad to inactive in awpcp software if that data has past and for it not to import any ads that have the date set as 'future'.

    Please only contact me if you have the skills to do this. Each time I post something like this I have 30 firms from India contact me and say they can do and then they waste my time and can not complete the job. So if this is something you can do please let me know please send a price.
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