Need Someone Experienced With Chaturbate White Labels

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    I need someone who is experienced with chaturbate white labels that can help me out. I know that white labels don't rank well but I noticed some white labels that have description and I am pretty sure they are not using the api,I'm not sure if they are iframing or what but what I want is to add my white label to have description and acutally go to my domain example
    site on google:
    this is my descrption in google, its a good one.

    i have several chatroom urls that are linked out so I still want them to go to that room if possible.

    I can show examples if needed.
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    i am really interested, please send me your skype ID via PM. Thanks !
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    I noticed the same thing.
    You might be referring to this one: these guys are basically owning the scene even outranking chaturbate in certain keywords.

    Me and my friend are planing to do something similar so the idea on how it works is (might be bs since it is just in theory right now) That they have 2 domains/2 websites one or the other or both. One acts as a ranker with blog and contextual shit. Other purely grabs the content form chaturbate (or is simply a domain for whitelable), by grabbing the streams form the server ( I am not sure yet how to access it but it should be possible since these guys do it. and I asked chaturbate about the specific site it is not LLC media (chaturbate official site) so these guys have found a way)

    So once you got these 2 running, you handpick the girls you want to be as a content on the ranker (main site) by having them on the second (grabber site). Well this is the way my mentioned website does it since girls are clearly from chaturbate but the order and frontpage as well as every other page is mixed up. this is the original whitelable they are running. and from the statistics you can se for free these guys are pulling MASSIVE traffic and money. Arguably million hits a month. That's pretty insane, and they have been doing this for 3 years now.... These guys are filthy rich.

    So once more
    - Whitelable is there just for the sake of registering, nothing really happens there...

    - Ranker site... Custom built script with shitloads of SEO campaign... they also got some backlinks but you can see it for yourself.

    So you can investigate the technicalities of the site I mentioned and maybe report on your finds here. It is not Iframe just like you mentioned. But somehow they are grabbing the streams directly from chaturbate

    Hope this helps, even though I really didn't explain much, just some of my observations, but this is definitely something I will replicate.

    EDIT: Damn just noticed this is 2 months old post.... So any results or conclusions on the subject?

    EDIT 2: Just did a closer look at my given example. It is basically one website, with a subdomain as a whitelable. As for the sites content its a section of text for ranking.. and section of direct stream links from chaturbate... even simpler than I initially thought. All you need to do is have some basic knowledge of python or javasript or PHP ... and set the thing up. Run some campaigns of back-linking on GSA .. actually just spam the shit out of it. And wualla... you got the pot of gold.
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