Need somebody to remove limits on my paypal!


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Sep 7, 2009
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I have a problem with my paypal acct. It is filled with fake details and I need the limits to be lifted. To do that you must CONFIRM ADDRESS and VERIFY CREDIT CARD. There are alternatives to these methods on the page, but they are still similar. The address is fake, so you would probably need to make a fake id and scan it or something and use a VCC to verify credit card. I am looking for someone that knows how to lift limits to do it for me and somebody TRUSTED! that won't take all the money and fuck me over. Please PM me for offers of if you can do it and how much you charge.
Good luck but beware of giving the account away to scammer.
i done some thing exactly similar like it in past i google a cc statement of icici bank edit it and sent , borrow driving license frm friend scan it edit it and sent , same done to address also the difference is the details i was register in paypal was real but i dont have all id and address proof fucking paypal company want so i have to do that ! and thats how i remove my limitation in that way i can understand how it feel when ur money u cant withdraw and paypal hide his ass behind automated massages and hold account for screening brother pm me i can help you !
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