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    Hey all

    Well i dont know if its even allowed, but i got a movie trailer website with movie reviews and trailers, its really more a passion than a money maker.

    My site have no other monetizing than a Netflix aff. So no stupid pop ups etc.

    So to my question:
    Can i get some BHW members to come rate my movies? maybe a comment here and there if its not to much of a hazzle? If the comment is fine then i dont mind that you post your link, aslong as it aint to a pornsite/warez and alike. There no ads "other than the netflix banner" and no membership or anything, just a plain movie trailer site :)

    Anyway let me know, and also where to post this if i am allowed :)
    Really need some votes :) Not fun to watch a top movie site with only 1 vote on each movie hehe.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    PS. just wanted to say this is not to get "free traffic", i already have several traffic orders running from service providers here on BHW :) Thanks to those :)