Need some tips from senukex users.

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    I want to stop using wizard, and start manual campaigns. As i see, the article directories and the press release modules are mostly manual approve stuff. What are the chances to get approved with TBSed article? Or even with downloaded by senukex and spinned one? Worth spending time\money?

    Is it still worth those forum profiles from senukex?

    How many tiers shall i make? What modules shall i use for 2-3 tiers in? bookmarks? More articles?

    Can i "interlink" between my sites and\or pages from my sites on same "profiles" on the social network module? The social network one seems to be the easiest to get links, no?

    I simply want to save some money and nerves, as the wizard is probably not even 50% of the senukex potential. And often crashing. Any other tips are warmly welcome. Thanks.

    p.s. Are any of those included templates worth something? Maybe i'm missing something?
    p.p.s I want it only to blast and rank my microniche sites. Have sb and xrumer as well...
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