Need some tips for using mass facebook friends - fiverr?

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    So as of late, I've been very interested in this Fiverr site. I can see some potential in the "post your site to x amount of people for x amount of days" kind of deal. I have Facebook blaster which should come in handy with this but I'm unsure how to go about this efficiently and effectively. I'm sure some of you have tried this gig. I assume it would be most effective and profitable IF you are using a targeted audience for each type of website you're being contracted to post. But isn't that a little much, just for $5? If you were to make targeted accounts in advanced, you would certainly need at least a dozen different accounts, if not more. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    Or do people still pay for advertising to a "mish-mash" group of random friends?

    Are there other gigs that can be in any way profitable by using your facebook friendlists as a direct tool?

    And if not fiverr, how else can I use mass friendlists to make some kind of profit? Keep in mind I have next to no money here right now, I'm a poor student and I'd rather be spending money on food or something. I guess it depends on the chance for profitability, to determine whether I would want to invest in a different method. Just keep that in mind. I'm not looking to make a grand a day or anything ridiculous like a lot of the people on here, but I'd hope it'd be worth the effort. Also I am super new to any of this kind of stuff, so I am a beginner.

    Thanks for any insight you may provide,
    take care.