Need Some Software Programming !!!

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    Dec 10, 2010
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    Like the thread title says im after someone to make some software for me.
    Basically its got to be able to fill in web web forms ie Insurance forms, name address, comments etc.
    And then automatically submit the page.
    Also its got to be able to do it in batch format so i load in the URLs and off it goes.
    With the ability to teach it new fields if it gets stuck like ""whats your cats name" which i can add in and it remembers this for any other forms that ask this

    I am aware it will come across forms that acquire captcha so if it can have the ability to have a de captch service tied to it that would be great.
    If this isn't possible the software can move the form/URL to a a diffrent folder where i can manually enter the captcha quickly with built in bowser.

    Ive had a look at some free one's on the web like Roboform, Autoformfill etc but these dont have all the functions i need.

    If you need anymore information or any questions shout up and i will get them answered for you.

    Thanks in advance :)
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    Need Custom Programs? Message Me!!!