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    Here is the deal I am scared to purchase any more fan packages here on BHW. I have purchased about six different packages here. The fans never see my page so it doesn't help me (i have an advanced tracking system i know who sees my page). I think the inviter's only invite 49 friends and say its a 15,000 fan package. I spent about $500 and only received 2,000 fans. I will not list any names since I don't want to start a flame war but will name some of them privately. My page has gone viral over 100 times last year really easy. My method is still top notch and I am looking for some one to kick start it. I am offering 33% plus $200 to start. In the past real fan inviters kick started my page in 30 minutes. My page makes $2,000-15,000+ a day when viral. If you think you can kick start my page now we will easily bank $15,000-20,000 in the remaining time this month. So i'm looking for some one who can kick start it or even use my images with there viral app that leads to my landing page. I know my method isn't dead because its still hot and my old fan pages make about $200 a wall post.

    This is not a scam. All you can loose is like 30 minutes of your time kicking starting this. I am very serious this is no new page and makes a crap load of money. Plus I will be giving you $200 Paypal (verified business since 2007). Plus this may not mean much but on DP I have high itrader and have been a member for 5 years. (I know dp sucks and i don't use it anymore but can verify my account). This is serious money and you will easily earn $1,000 + a day with me.
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