Need some Linking advice to see some improvement

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by cleverliving, May 7, 2010.

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    so i have been trying to find the best way to build links for a few months now but nothing seams to live up to the promises that everyone say..

    people are all talking about how they see improvement in a week or month but im yet to see any and my keywords are not dificult to rank for...

    i am using sick marketing profile maker at the moment and as much as it builds a large amount of profile links really easily and is a great design for a software.. i have built about 200-300 links for my sites in a month and still no improvement..

    my question is....

    have you ever found a strategie that acually does move you site up the rankings with no bull ship to the linking strategie.. becuase im honestly sick of all the fluff and promises?

    how long did it take your site to move and was it a big move for a tough keyword?

    i look forward to hearing some of your insights..
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    Mar 18, 2010
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    200-300 backlinks over a month isnt really that many.

    Are those backlinks indexed ? Are they optimized ? How stiff is your competition ? Whats the quality of the backlinks ? Whats your on site SEO like ? Did you minimize your footprint while making them ?
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    @ talsin - I neeed some advice - to buy link directory submissions here at BHW seems the way to go ( no proxies and buying software etc ) - if i have a site thats 9 months old - how many links do you advice getting ? - if I get 10 ,000 - should i spread them over 2 - 3 months , also will these bring in se traffic ? say if they are pr 6-7 - is this just a long term stratedgy ? cheers