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need some information on SELLING domains

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by harshaaliaschinna, May 1, 2013.

  1. harshaaliaschinna

    harshaaliaschinna Regular Member

    Feb 19, 2013
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    I had a bunch of domains (has high pr and backlinks)

    There are many doubts on selling domains..

    1) which is main preference in all of these.. i mean PR or backlinks or alexa rank or alexa link in count or domain age

    2) which should be considered main ALEXA link in count OR Backlinks (many listings like blekko or majestic or any)

    3) if there is high PR like PR7-9 and some low count backlinks or any other, for how much can i sell those domains?

    4) if there are high alexa link in count like 4k-5k, how much can i sell these domains?

    5) if there are high backlinks in blekko or majestic or any other and some low links in ALEXA link in count. How much does it cost?

    6) if there is domain age of 1998 or any other. how much does this cost?

    so is there anyone to clear doubts on these topics

    at last how much this domain cost? according to you..


    Its information:

    PR: 1
    Blekko inbound links: 414
    no of backlinks from diff domains: 46
    domain age:2012
    ALEXA links in count: 1.2k (last 7 days)
    ALEXA rank: -

    i had checked at urlworth.com for selling price. it listed $3,272