Need some information on buying GreenDot card.

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    Hey guys,

    Very simple question here. My local CVS pharmacy sells GreenDot re-loadable gift cards. My question is: When buying the card, what information do they ask you up front? Do they ask for ID?

    Or do they sell you the card, but then require you to register your info online?
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    If you're talking about the re loadable ones, they don't ask you for the info at the register, you just buy the card. Now you will have to go online or call to finish the activation of your card. I do believe they require all your personal information, even your SSN.
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    I buy these sometimes because I don't want to use a real credit card for online purchases.

    As stated above, they won't ask you for any info when you purchase it and it is activated at the register. Although they require personal information when registering either online or telephone, the information you give them is not verified so you can give them anything.

    Also keep in mind that the card you get at purchase time is temporary. They will mail you a permanent card with your name on it.
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    As they said above.

    Card you purchase is TEMP so you can not withdraw any $$ from ATM.

    I just buy the "reload packs" to add money to my paypal all the time. Only cost $5 to put money in instantly so it works out pretty good when I need to pay for something quick.

    They ask for SSN and all that, Not sure if they verify it or even can really.

    Overall I have had nothing but good experience with them.. For legit stuff and BH.
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    I've bought these several times. They only ask me for my name, and it's activated. But from other users' posts, it's different depending on location.