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    I kinda am stuck on my PPD ideas...I have a few ideas floating around but, how do I start? I know basic seo with YouTube.
    I once got onto the page with one of my youtube videos on a review on advanced system care...but, I kinda am stuck with the whole making money idea. (Yes I know I'm making it more complex than this post needs to be. I still need the help though.) I mean, how the hay am I supposed to use my SEO which I have very little knowledge while ranking on first page. I know how it works, however I'm stuck with this and using dollarupload properly. Do I need proxies to hide myself from from people finding out my IP? (is that even necessary?) -facepalm- I can confirm I am confused atm. So I did a lil' research in the IM Story/Journey's and learned a lil'. I just don't know how I'll pull this off. Any suggestions? Thanks - Flames

    P.S If I need proxies I have no idea how to setup them. Also I have $0 to invest in buying stuff for my project. Help is appreciated

    Oh if this needs to go in another section of this form just move it there instead of removing it, thanks.

    A List of Things I Have So Far:
    1)3 Youtube channel's, a main and two alternate ones.
    2) A Dollarupload account and a Enhanceviews account setup
    3) A few niche ideas floating around in my head

    EDIT: I'm already starting the basic uploading part but I guess I still could use help :) Thanks.

    Thanks for taking your time on reading this post and hope I can get advise on starting out from you guys - Flames
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