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Need some help with understanding backlinks

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by mindslaver79, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. mindslaver79

    mindslaver79 Registered Member

    Apr 27, 2014
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    Hello BHW members,
    Need some help about backlinks, i'm reading here and there that it's a good strategy for YT videos. So can u please answer some of my questions please?

    1. What are backlinks?

    2. Do they promote my video on Google search or/and youtube search ?

    3. When purchasing backlinks what should I look for ?

    4. How many backlinks are enough for promotion of a video ?

    5. Do they stay forever or should I purchase every week/month for promotion of a video ?

    6. I found this seller on fiverr that was selling backlinks, I don't understand anything he says :p , are these any good?
    I will blast an eminent seo backlink pyramid (EBP) with 5000 Profiles by using Senuke x and xrumer. consisting of 300 Site about site/domain PR 4+ among which there're varied from 10 to 20 edu / gov (edu.xx gov.xx) profiles randomly in tier 1 and then 4700 profiles built to 300 high PR links above-mentioned as tier 2, 300+4700=5000 .(its 2 layers backlinks, We will send 300 backlinks to your url then we will send 4700 to the 300 links that link to your url , 4700=>300=> url ) .they are from world wide different/unique domains, about 80% are do follow and publicly viewable.