Need Some Help With Reworking My Methods

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    Hello everyone, as you've probably guessed I a noobie. I first started geting into IM from looking up how to make extra money online, and through my constant search I found this site. Now at first I had absolutely no idea what in the heck was going on, but I'm starting to learn. Which brings me to my problem, I'm making jack squat nothing, now I'm not mad, I've read enough to know results hardly come right away, so I'll tell you what I've been doing for the past month, I want helpful constructive feed, if you have time that is, and if want to personaly teach me (Highly unlikely) than even better. This is a breakdown of what I've been doing

    1. I picked a niche, a relatively un-competitive one, which is awesome I thought >->
    2. Made a blog, with googles Blogger and wrote some really quality articles, I can thank my english teacher for that
    3. Since I'm no good at SEO and hardly can put my head around other concepts (At the moment, will learn.) I choose something most suited to myself. I did SEO Jacking credit going to Meathead1234
    and if you dont already know what means, its looking around other pages that have your niche and posting comments to link to your blog
    4. This is where my problem is I have gotten NO traffic (Not true I've gotten some)

    BreakDown of my problem:

    I dont know if this has to do with how I'm handeling things or if what I'm doing is not effective for the niche I'm in (Beauty products)
    But I'd love for anyone who has been in the same position feeling the same frustration

    Thanks you :(