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    Oct 18, 2016
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    members after reading a lot of information on this site and will read further on and try to reach my goal.
    I'm building a website of offering services to potential clients.
    facebook will be my goal also to reach lot of likes and traffickers to my website. Because of the cost of advertising and because I don't have a lot of $$ to spend most of my work will be done by myself. Is it possible to reach traffic and potential clients to attrack to my site and are there other possiblities like pinterest or else to reach my goal!!!
    the first thing I want to do is try to build is a traffic through facebook to my website to reach clients and after that I will be looking for other advertise options. Site will be for europe especially the Netherlands.
    can I get some info where to start looking on this forum to be successfull.
    Thanks in advance.

    gr yamakashi
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    Facebook is one of the best places to driving the good amount of traffic, you can go ahead with FB, also you can focus on the other platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram...etc.