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Need some help figuring out my journey

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by Monadnock, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Monadnock

    Monadnock Registered Member

    Dec 29, 2013
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    Hi everyone
    I am a new member to BHW, but have been reading the threads for a couple of weeks already. Love all the information being shared.

    Quick background, I am a software developer from Africa. I live in a country with a decent population, maybe a fifth of the US population, so there should be enough opportunities.

    I make a good living from my day job, I really can't complain. But I am tired of trading my time for money. I spend 8 hours a day working, and then about 2 hours in traffic. That is 10 hours taken out of my day, for only 8 hours of salary.

    My plan for this year is to build an income to replace my full time salary, so that I can quit my job, work from home, and have some more time for the wife and kids. Currently have a 22month old boy, with another coming July.

    So, I am in the position now where I need to plan how I will be replacing my income.

    I have done some paid websites in the past for friends. They are also hosting their websites with me, I have a reseller account. This is just 5 paying customers, and they pay on average about $10\month. Can possibly build a testimonials, and get some referrals to build this out.

    I also have a small e-Commerce site in the bridal industry, selling a specific product. It is ranked on the first page of the big G for a couple of its main kw. Currently in a big push to get top spot. I am probably making around $250 profit per month from this. This business definitely has the potential to grow if I can add some more products, which I haven't quite figured out just yet.

    I also have 8 other websites. None of them are ranking yet, still doing some linkbuilding. These have AdSense on them, and I hope to get one of these monetized via Amazon. These are not earning anything worthwhile just yet, but they have some potential once their rankings improve.

    So I have a few things going, but nowhere near the point where I can consider quitting my job. The very informal plan right now is for my income to be split 20% AdSense, 20% Amazon, 20% creating websites and hosting, 20% eCommerce site, and 20% consulting. This leaves about 40-60% of my income exposed to Google, but I can possibly negate this by building email lists on the Amazon sites and eCommerce sites.

    I also love working with small business owners and teaching them how they can use technology to get an edge on their competition. Whether that be email lists, blogs, using tools like Evernote\Dropbox. Just doing a kind of intro to what is out there to help them with their day to day tasks.

    I always have the option to take on some contact work doing software development. I am lucky in that my skills are always in need. So I can most likely do contract work, and get about 1.5 x monthly salary, if the need ever arises. So I could potentially scale some of the things I have going, and do maybe 3/4 months of contract work per year, but that really is just trading time for money again.

    So after this much too long post, my question is this: if you could "design" your job and lifestyle right now, how would you go about it? What type of business would you get into? Build 20 AdSense sites, do SEO consulting, mix offline and online, etc.
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  2. richestmaninbabylon

    richestmaninbabylon Junior Member

    Jul 26, 2014
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    Getting It
    Do not spread yourself so thin from the get go. I know everyone wants it to happen over night but, it simple does not happen that fast. pick ONE source and master that first. Then add another. It will be much easier for you that way.

    good luck my friend and congrats on the new boy