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    Hello fellow BH's!

    I'm reaching out for some help in analysing these two keywords I have. First of all, I need to thank the various posters on this forum for their help. I have been silently lurking here for about a month and the wealth of information on both WH and BH tactics makes this forum a phenomenal tool in our arsenal.....let's keep it up!

    I have two niche keywords that I sort of stumbled upon last night, but I'm a little unsure if they will be easy to rank or not. The MS results look ok to me, good traffic, fairly low competition, high adwords payout and there are both keyword rich and long tail top level domains available for them.

    I'm just going to post some screenshots from MS, and if someone could be so kind as to help me gauge their potential, I would really appreciate it!

    Sadly, I can't post any links and the information contained is too much to copy here. So, below are the end of urls for postimage


    Traffic: /image/mr26jzlop/
    SEO Comp: /image/fmkdayefd/

    KW1 has top level domains available, but I need to use longtail words in order to get the keyword in there. In other words, tl domains for the keyword itself are not available, but keywordlongtail domain is available. My first concern is the SEOC numbers, but I'm confused as to why it has low SEOTCR as well. Secondly, I'm wondering if the SEO Comp data, which shows very low BL's and PR for all the sites will offset the high domain age numbers, meaning it will rank well. It should be noted that their are no authority sites on the front page results, and the seocomp data shows images links between position 5 and 6. Position 6 and 9 are Alibaba results as well.


    Traffic: /image/i7pxyh3t5/
    SEO Comp: /image/ezlglfhjd/

    KW2 is a niche site, with the keyword manufacturer running an affiliate program through CB. The Traffic data is pretty straightforward, but the seo comp. First off, position 1 is the manufacturer Position 2, and 4 and 6 are Polish language IM sites, not very well done and not updated. Position 3 is amazon, and position 7 is a facebook page with less than 40 followers. Looking at the matrix, the amount of red makes me think that it's not worth trying to rank, but the Adwords profitability amount makes it tempting. Moreover, the fact that the manufacturer is running an affiliate program through CB makes it more attractive for me.

    If anyone could give me some insight on how they would approach the analysis of this info, it would be a great help!

    Thanks again!