Need some great ideas from you geniuses!

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by pgaoroagnloeid, Jan 7, 2010.

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    So I took a REAL job for a company that is going to sell iPhone insurance, laptop insurance, kindle insurance, etc. I need ideas for promotion of the contests I'm going to run.

    BTW, we're going to have a phenomenal affiliate program (as soon as I can figure out how to keep YOU GUYS from gaming it!).

    Anyway, to launch, we are going to have contests giving away about ten grand in prizes, maybe twice that depending on how effective they are. We'll have a digg contest, a facebook contest, a youtube contest, twitter, etc.

    We'll give away a kindle, an ipod touch, a wii, a netbook, etc. every two weeks probably, and at the end of six months a grand prize package to one person containing one of each of all the products we've given away.

    My issues are HOW to get the most out of this?

    Twitter would seem to be the easiest. Retweeting and following is a pretty simple thing. But the rest I'm not sure.

    Youtube...can't do most views. Too easy to change. Can't do best video, to subjective.

    Facebook, maybe just following us and making a post to friends?

    Digg. How do I do that?

    BTW, our insuance will be cheaper than any of the current players in the game and it's an actual insurance policy, not like squaretrade or any of the others.

    For an iPhone you pay 63 dollars and a 50 dollar deductible and that's it and you're good for a year. If you break your phone on day two it's covered and you still have coverage on your next phone until the policy ends, unlike Squaretrade where you pay up front for two years and it covers you only one time.

    Anyway, I'm working hard to do 8 million online marketing things at once and have one assistant to help me so I'm about 80 hours a week right now nonstop.

    I'm going to be outsourcing a lot as well so if you have a good service, please PM me.

    And thanks for any responses.
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    Let me know how I can contact you. I do not want to give way stuff here publicly - it needs to be in private. Let me know how I can contact you.

    I work in a simlar market in another country (not USA) so we are related but will not tread on each others toes. Let me know.