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    I've come across two wholesellers for certain items, and I'm not sure how to venture into this. also wasn't sure exactly where to ask, figured this is the best place to talk about wholesellers lol


    I've got 2 connections, one sells guaranteed authentic items from software to clothes, but the prices arent VERY favorable unless buying in large large bulk

    The other however, is exclusive to software, and has GREAT prices. The items come fully boxed and shrink wrapped and look (as best I can tell) completely authentic, however the prices on these things are SUPER CHEAP, and I know they are coming from china, so I can only assume they are grade A Knockoffs.

    With that said, I would LOVE to start using guy B, but I'm worried about the reprecussions of selling these items if they are infact knockoffs. Anyone have experience with software? Any suggestions on (near) fullproof ways of doing things without getting in much trouble? I am not opposed to selling them cheap (75% retail? even 50% for certain products) online or in person, but I don't wanna get screwed.

    I've personally tested multiple of these softwares, they all function absolutely fine but I still don't wanna screw myself selling them