Need some feedback on a potential CB squeeze page ...


Jul 12, 2008
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Okay, it was broken in IE and Chrome, but it should be fine now in all of the following:


I don't know about Safari or Opera.
Looks pretty good to me!
But don't you think that there are way too many "..."'?
Anmol, you know, a fresh pair of eyes is always valuable. I think you might be right, but I never would have caught that.

Thanks for the catch.
Not bad. Personal opinion is that the body text should be more bold. Maybe a stronger font? IDK. Looks good. But the text just doesn't grab ME. Like I said, personal opinion.
Overall nice work. But here are some pointers...

1. Go with a stronger (darker) blue for the font.

2. Consider not using all text in capital letters.

3. Try using a different font. The one you are using now is hard to read.

4. Think about changing "Let Me Show You." I think it's better to use something like...

"YES, Show Me How I Can Do It, Too"
"I'm Curious - Show Me More Info"

Hope this helps.
With two comments on the body font, I'll definitely look at changing that into something bolder, darker, and with lowercase letters in it (this one's lowercase letters are "uppercase" still).

Thanks for the feedback!
Nice work OTrap, but I would say make the top banner just a banner graphic, and have the video show below it. I think it would look good with the simply six figures banner there. Then instead of the text below have a video play that goes through the slideshow you have up there.

Also not sure if your doing this in purpose or not, but you should change up "gotten" "wanna" etc. to look more professional unless your going for the "i'm real" type of thing.
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