Need some article rewriters...about 25 urgently for ongoing work!

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    I need 25 people to rewrite articles for me on a daily basis. The pay per article will be $3-$8, and payment will be sent out twice per week on Wednesdays/Saturdays.

    I will be sending a test article for you to rewrite (this will qualify you for the job) and will pay you $1 for it. I will need the article to be rewritten within an hour of you receiving it.

    Now, I don't have time for games or arguments. My terms are set, so either you can take them or leave them. I don't need the bull. I need some serious people that are willing to do some serious work.

    I will be sending you 10 articles on a daily basis to be rewritten (I will increase it as you are able to handle more). They will need to be written in proper American English, and they should be grammatically correct. The word count will be 500-1000 words, and obviously, more words means more money for you.

    I'm looking for some long term writers...3-6 months at the least I'll need you to be on board. Just a word of advice, if I'll have to spend time editing your articles, then don't bother contacting me. I don't have time for that, really I don't.

    If you want to be a writer for me, then send me a pm with your email address. I'll send you an article to rewrite and some general instructions. Also, if you're not serious about writing the first article, then don't bother wasting my time or yours.

    And for those concerned, the test article will be paid immediately after receipt. For the first week, I'll pay you daily if you need it, but after next Saturday, it will go to twice per week.
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